This project brought together a relatively large number of people whose dedication and perseverance were instrumental in putting LU6W on the air. The expeditionary team included:

Cezar (VE3LYC) – Operator, radio equipment, project coordination
Johan (PA3EXX) – Operator, radio equipment
Alex (LU5WW) – Operator, logistics
José (LU2WAZ) – Logistics coordinator
Miguel (LU4WMM) – Logistics, island operations
Chochi Owen – Boat owner and pilot
Pablo Guerrero – Diver, island logistics
Andres Facundo – Logistics, transportation
Lucas (LU1FAM) – Operator, mainland radio station
Armando (LU8WAG) – Logistics, mainland camp
Jorge (LU4WG) – Logistics, mainland camp
Jorge (LU5WAG) – Logistics, cook
Daniel (LU8WEA) – Logistics, cook
Pablo Gallego – Cameraman

The following were involved in the logistics associated with project preparation:

Patricio (LU1WBM)
Miguel (LU1WKP)
Juan (LU1WKR)
José (LU5WBL)
Gustavo (LU8WFQ)
Ricardo (LU9WFQ)  

Cezar, VE3LYC (

Cezar is an avid DXer, with DXCC HR 339/341, 5BWAZ, IOTA 1008, and 2500 DXCC Challenge. He operated from various rare and new IOTA groups: NA-186, 194, 205, 208, 230, 231, SA-031, 095, 097. Cezar prefers CW and is a member of FOC (#1994), but is also keen on SSB and DIGI modes.

Johan, PA3EXX (

Johan is a top DXer, DXCC HR 338/345, IOTA 1016. A very experienced activator, he put on the air many rare and new IOTA groups, such as EU-038, 043, 062, NA-243, OC-172, 181, 185, 187, 198, 227, 255, 265, 267, SA-031, 092, 097. Johan is highly interested in both CW and SSB.

Alex, LU5WW (

Alex is an enthusiastic DXer and contest operator, with several first-place finishes in the world, especially in the low power, mixed mode category. He is a member of the CW Group of Argentina (GACW) and holds the 5BDXCC. Alex has been part of several lighthouse radio activations (ILLW).

Luc, LU1FAM (

Luc is a passionate contester and keen DXer in SSB, CW, and DIGI modes on HF/VHF/UHF. He confirmed over 200 DXCC (LoTW), participated at WRTC 2002 (OH) and 2006 (PY), and also operated from CE (including SA-018), CX, and PJ4. Luc is a member of the WWYC and A-1Op Clubs.